Love Is a Real Thing

by A Trivial Hero

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Don't let the cheesy title fool you, this album's concept is very cheesy… wait, what? With previous albums focused often in fictional realms, this album highlights the real love that has been present in life. These songs are about real relationships, real heroes, and real love, because it is a real thing.


released March 4, 2014


all rights reserved



A Trivial Hero Las Vegas, Nevada

We are a band from Las Vegas, NV and we like to play music. This music is our music.

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Track Name: From Scratch
My calendar is full of days to celebrate you
Who needs the holidays?
My world is filled with souls worthy of song and dance
And loving lyrics too

You taught me
To want to fill this world with love
This is a start
You taught me how
I could fill this world with love
This is a start
This is a start
Track Name: 61209
Two years too late
What would you have me say?
"It's nice to know you're sorry"?
Fifteen year wait
I guess this is why we play
And it's worth all 473,000,000
Track Name: Thanks for Breaking My Heart (Seriously)
We know it's hard to say goodbye
Yeah, it's hard to break up
But that don't mean we feel contrite
Though we don't want to give up on love

Because the present is not the past
And so we can't pretend
The same questions have been asked
Over and once again
I've been through phases of hate
And jealousy and spite
But I'll never forget the nights

I never meant to sever ties
We just grew too far apart
And I'm sorry for all the stupid fights
We know we both played our part

And though it feels so long ago
I just want to send my thanks
Because I needed you to know
That you helped fill in some blanks
I pulled past all of my hate
And jealousy and spite
That's why I'll never forget the nights

You taught me something beyond thought
A broken heart proved to be humbling, now I love what I've got

You held me high
And I needed that at the time
Then dropped me far
and I learned to fly up to the stars

So thanks
Yeah, thanks for breaking my heart
Thanks for breaking my heart
Thanks for breaking my heart
Track Name: Phoenix Feathers
A bird that grew roots in the city
After migrating south against the wind
A mother without getting to see her own eggs hatched
A mother to me, though Oedipal

And maybe she's crazy
For clipping her wings
But I'll count myself lucky
For the chance to hear her sing

She was not meant to be caged up
Instead to fly
Visiting bird baths around the world
All filled with wine
Learn the language of Paris
Molding minds en Asie
Building homes in the States
Where she takes me under her wing

And some say she's different
Well, I'd say that's quite right
As it takes a unique strength
To burn so bright

So don't think she's crazy
When she rips up her roots
Because with such a wingspan
One suffocates in this coop
Track Name: 1.21 GW
Oh please take me back to yesterday
It's not the same, it's not the same
Oh please give me back the words I didn't want to say
I'm not insane, I'm not insane

It's so easy to forget yourself when you're in her arms
And it's so easy now to say I was a fool

You know, it's funny, yeah, I used to be a cool guy
I'd play for laughs and girls would notice me
You see, it's stunning how I cam to see this full sky
'Cause it stemmed from hate

Someone please let me know I'm different than the things I see
I'm not the same, I'm not the same
Something please serve to show that I am truly free
I am insane, I am insane

Sometimes I'd let it got, forget myself, exist in her arms
Sometimes I wonder if it's now that I'm a fool

You know, it's crazy, yeah, I used to be a liar
I'd wear my mask so that they couldn't see
They call me lazy now, constant running got me tired
and that old self fades
Track Name: My Helen
Your words are soft and spoken through tears
And I don't understand
What's got you down
News of departure penetrates my ears
And I can barely stand
As light goes underground

Let's not make this the last time this desert sun sets with you in tow
Because I swear I know it rises and falls for you

I held your hand and made you promise
That you'd return
'Cause I'll be waiting
I'm looking for someone to be honest
Hard way to learn
That my chances are fading

Let's not make this the last time I hold you close and breathe you in
Because I swear my chest rises and falls for you

So let's make this the last time we say "goodbye", let's end on a "hello"
Because I swear I'd let all of Troy fall for you
Track Name: Old Adaj
I can't find the words
And that's a problem
Through life's crazy turns
I've been able to solve them

But there's nothing more to give
And I'm afraid that I'm drying out
When I'm old, but I'm a kid
And I don't see the point in living without

You ask me to go with
You know I want to
But no matter how tempted
This one is all you

But there's no one left to care
And I am scared that I'm completely alone
When you're all the way out there
The best friend that I've ever known

Is you
When I can't hold on, you pick me up
It's true
I can't help but smile
When I see what you've become

So go make us proud
You've done that so far
Don't fill your heart with doubt
Shine like the star you are

It's you
If you can't hold on, I'll pick you up
It's true
I can't wait to smile
When I see what you become
Track Name: Top Bunk
I copied how you walked
And your language
I loved everything you were
You taught me how to rock
Cast out the languid
Follow the steps of my brother

And I know
I know
Maybe things have gone too long unsaid
But I still miss days sleeping beneath your bed
Where dreams of being you would often fill my head

So I could never forget how you shaped who I am
And I'll never let you go
Never forget how you shaped who I am
And never let you go
My idol, motivation, hero

You set the bar so high
In every aspect
But you would gladly pull me up
your approval was my prize
I sought your respect
You showed nothing but your love

Our blood is no thicker than water
So we need to build off more than blood
Our blood is no thicker than water
That's why we'll build this off our love

And I'll never forget how you shaped who I am
And I'll never let you go
Never forget how you shaped who I am
And never let you go
You are my idol, motivation, hero
Track Name: Mensch
This dog was tamed by his pup
Gave up on chasing his tail
Start digging holes in the backyard
Bury bones for the future
Settle down in one lawn
And pass on old tricks
Let him grow into his own
Even the greatest teachers get resented

Still know we love you
Just maybe not out loud
It's hard to admit
We'd be nothing without you
'Cause we're just too proud
Like father, love son

This man set aside his own dreams
To nurture the dreams of his son
I know I said that in the first verse
But the metaphors were cumbersome
While this bitch staked a claim to his life
And her bark was as bad as her bite
That one is hardly a metaphor
That's really what she's like

Still know we love you
Just maybe not out loud
It's hard to admit
We'd be nothing without you
We're just so proud
Like father, love son

Sorry for each one of the days I let pass
Without a "thank you"
For every single kick in my ass
Your lessons were ruthless
And your love: infinite
But the trouble with youth is
I could never appreciate it

This pup grew up in great debt
To his father, his grandfather's son
And like those fathers before him
He'd never understand until he had his own litter

Still know we love you
Just maybe not out loud
It's hard to admit
We'd be nothing without you
We're so fucking proud
Like father, love son
Track Name: The Thing I Carry
Please don't leave me here in this house alone
These walls house all my mistakes
A shattered boy refuses to grow
So he sits on his past and waits

The roads are clear at this time of night
This cabin fills with my voice
Scolding my heart for listening to my mind
'Cause I know this solitude is my choice

So I showed her affection
But couldn't say "I'm in love"
Omission has been my protection
For too long
Fed my creative obsessions
And they guarded my heart
But blocked both bad and good things

So I've got an angel for borrowed time
Six months will never be enough
But to be fair, what would ever suffice?
Eternity is god's greatest bluff

So shower her in affection
Smother her in love
Enjoy our lives' intersection
While it lasts
Love, this world's greatest confection,
I have found in her arms
It shall be the thing I carry farthest with me
Track Name: Flight of the Albatross
Tongue-tied, alone, down but not out
I've got
No frame of reference
And no experience
Blocked by a phone, what's that about
I've got
No such luck
As a romantic

But the door is still open
I've got one last shot
Don't go down looking
Because the last time I did that
I ended up here

At least now we know what I'm made of
Some big words and nothing to back it up
Best thing I can do
Is to find some sticks and stones

Handcuffs, dead ends, and enzymes
I can
Speed up reactions to repel attractions
Some bluffs, truth bends, silent crimes
I let
All of my secrets
Turn into my regrets

But the sun is now setting
The light is almost gone
Wasted time thinking
Even with all that planning
I still ended up here

Perhaps I can change what I've made up
Translate language into tangible stuff
Then with verbal breakthroughs
I can actually break bones
Track Name: The Goddess
Can you fill back up my heart?
Can you take away the pain?
I wanted to stay and take you in my arms
I wanted to say I wrote this song

I'd lay you down
And teach you about passion
I'd lay you down and fill you up

I want to know the feel of your touch
But I'm afraid I'm thinking way too much
If you want me to stay just extend your invitation
I want you to say that you're not done

So take my heart in your hands
and when you're ready, I'll take yours

Can you help to hit that note?
I'll be waiting for when you're back home
I wanted to break, but now I see what I'd be missing
I wanted to pray but knew there's no one to listen

So take my heart in your hands
and when you're ready, I'll take yours

So take my heart in your hands
and when you're ready, I'll take yours
Track Name: I'll Be
Sing me a song among groceries
Shoppers stare
But you hum along like there's no one listening
So sweet to my ears though it's country
I don't care
So proud with your food stamps, decline my currency
Bring me to life on unknown streets
Lay me bare
I have nothing to do, but I do it with you so I don't care

I can't help but fall for those whom I shouldn't
But it's hardly my fault, this heart is not wooden

So it rhymes and rhymes
Around my neck
Pull them tight, tight
Steal my oxygen

Until I'm smothered in all that you are
Two states away is just two states too far

Be my kindred soul
Prematurely pruned
Oregon has swallowed me whole
Caused me to swoon
Will she swoon?

Can we take this jump?
Will we bounce back?
Separate from this clump
In the streets we'll unpack
Should we even pack?

Take the rhymes from my mouth
All apologies
Formulaic! Formulaic!
Throw me back to my art
Inspiration! Motivated!
Take my brain, wash it out
Leave your autograph
Least resistance! Memory inflicted!
As Isaac says, "Float on"
Forget all structure, images, ideals

If you could, set me free
Though I'd confine myself voluntarily
If only it were as easy as you say
If it's where you want to be: Be
Just be

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