Lovers I Will Never Meet

by A Trivial Hero

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"Do you find you like to fall in love with people that you're never going to meet?" That line from Alkaline Trio's "Love, Love, Kiss, Kiss" brings us to the pathetic driving ideas behind this album. Go ahead, look for an ideal girl. They exist in movies, I'm sure they exist in this world too… Just not in my immediate proximity.


released January 28, 2014


all rights reserved



A Trivial Hero Las Vegas, Nevada

We are a band from Las Vegas, NV and we like to play music. This music is our music.

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Track Name: ≥HJG
She’s out of reach
I’m out of touch
Because I think too much
And it’s not abstract

Now I’m in too deep
Not intimate
Because I wasted it
On pursuit of fact

Mesmerized again
Hopes for something different
‘Cause she’s older
But it’s over now
These frozen footsteps never wander far off path

So this is why I’m still alone
I won’t settle for less
Once you’ve seen the light
You can’t crawl back in the cave
Perhaps I dreamed too close
To the sun
Track Name: Underestimating Cinzia
I held your hand by the ocean
And let my dream stretch out to the horizon
You show me that, this world doesn’t have an end

Lay next to you under starlight
As we let ourselves float out into the night sky
Get you the moon just to see the ends of your mouth bend

Waking up is never
As hard as
When I’m dreaming of you
When will I
Get to wake up in
A world where dreams come true?

Your father’s tears line the aisle
I lift a veil revealing a smile
You show me that my dreams will never have to end

Waking up is never
As easy as
When I’m lying next to you
I guess we can
Wake up in
A world of dreams improved

I held your hand by the ocean
Track Name: Naming a Gender
Don’t be smart, don’t be kind
Don’t be sensitive
Don’t be wonderful
Because we can’t change our ties

So you could whisper words of love
In whatever tongue you choose
But I’m just too sane now
And I can’t start living for you

You’ll be my treasure on the beach
And I’ll gladly be your maitre d’
It’s so nice to finally meet
Evaporate minds
Until the floors touch our feet

So you could whisper words of love
In every tongue you speak
But you’re just too sane now
And you can’t start living for me

And only death could pull me away from you
And only a sense of those whom we’re already tied to
And only death

So you could whisper words of love
But never give in to lust
Because we’re just too sane now
And we can’t start living for us
Track Name: Forget the Ellipsis
This is the first time I've felt anything at all
This is the first time I've opened myself up

Don't let me suppress these feelings down
Don't let me forget the sound
Of her lies

This is the last time I ever try to leave
This is the last time I let him place blame on me

Stand by me, we'll track lost treasure down
Into the abyss we make the sound
Of life

Convince me I'm nothing
And show me I'm all
And though we have nothing like the places once called home
I feel at home right in your arms

Can't make me suppress these feelings down
Can't make me forget the sound
Of her lies
Track Name: Love Is Not an "-ism"
I’ve made my escape
And now I’m breaking you out
There’s time to make mistakes
That we can shout about

And maybe someday we’ll have regrets
‘Cause we missed learning something
But right now, everyone wish they were us

We’re taking the day off
Hey, let’s go for a ride
We could’ve stayed in bed
But let’s celebrate life

You know, sometimes we exploit our friends
And they hang it over our heads
Sorry, Cam, this day is all about us

Oh Sloane
I’ll take you right out of his grasp
Ol’ Ed thought he had us for sure
But he never stood a chance

And maybe someday we’ll have regrets
‘Cause we missed learning something
And I know someday we’ll have regrets
‘Cause we missed out on something
But feel that heart beating in your chest
Yeah, hey we still learned some things
And I know I’d never not want to be us
Yeah, I’m sure I wouldn’t be anyone but
Track Name: Let's Run from Our Past to Each Other
I want to move on to you
Yes, I do; I know it
And I would like him out of your head
What’s he doing there?

So take down seven and one more
That’s me

Why are we wasting time in the cold?
Let’s find a door inside
And why would we warm up with tea
When there’s you, there’s me, and we got chemistry?

I may not like it, but I get
Their beef with me

With hair like a rainbow over time
You skate through my mind
You could be my American dream

I want you to move on to me
And I want to spend less time in my head

If the world wants you it will have
To go through me
Track Name: Holophone Lessons
Punched in from eight to five, but that’s alright
‘Cause I’ve got no reason to hate
Immersed in all new worlds and a romance
As we deliver through space

And maybe it’s foolish to think I could be the apple of that eye
But I’m sure it’s stupid not to try

‘Cause if these notes could make pictures
We’d only see your face
If I’d write you an opera
Could your heart find me a place?
And if you’d give up your hand
Just to spare my heart
Then maybe you already love me
And I don’t need the devil’s parts

I don’t care if you’re old and manly
Would you mind if I had claws?
I’ve come from past and future to find you
You once loved me as Lars

I’d give you my air
I’d prefer it for you
I’d give you my chair
Off this earth before it’s gone
Where I choose one over two
Purple over blonde
I’d be a mutant for you
I’d love everything you are
Track Name: Today, You Get a Song
Well, I’m no Nancy, you’re no Sid
You make me feel just like a kid
Running in circles days on end
And hurtful titles like best friends
I need labels for sanity
My false insurance policy
No one can promise tomorrow
Besides, who’d ever want to know?

I drew my world upon your skin
A peek inside let so much in
Upon your shoulders, reach new heights
While climbing ladders I don’t like
But chutes lay where you least expect
And falling has reverse effects
But we still focus where we want
And hate ‘til time allows détente

Don’t tell me it’s over
Or that it never started
Because this world is sick of songs and stories
For the broken-hearted
Will seasons ever change?
Or just get a new name?
So the youth lend a hand
Because they don’t understand
And someday I might learn that’s ‘cause we can’t

Don’t tell me it’s over
Or that it never started
Because this world is sick of songs and stories
Track Name: Pablo's Mistress
She’s from another time
But I’ve found I can get there
Are we wasting our times?
Thinking we’re seeing perfect just ‘cause it’s hind-sight

She’s been around with brilliants
Am I the next in line?
A muse to such great artists
While I’m hooked by her looks, she’s hooked by my first lines

So save me from ennui
Wrap me up in nostalgia
And we’ll pretend that all that’s best is in the past
And hope our heels find the past

We can’t only look backwards
And tell a story that’s true
You can’t only look outwards
You’ll miss what’s right in front of you

Don’t make me explain why we can’t stay
We can’t swap times we need to live within today
We can still make time to walk in the rain
You’re the hardest choice I’ve ever made

Un au revoir dans Belle-époque
Un au revoir pour maintenant
J’ai trouvé ma vie
J’ai trouvé l’amour
Track Name: The Girl Is the Key
Each cog must serve its purpose
To paint a thousand words
You’ll serve as my thesaurus
And wear the key to unlock worlds

So, you’re after adventure?
Let’s sneak to silver screens
I run the clocks so we’ve got all night long
To find the place where they make our dreams

You cannot hide true talent
Inside a dresser drawer
Spirits like hers will find you
And push you after more

Rotting away amongst this rust
Of moving parts until I become dust
Toiling away with tinker toys
Inducing life from mechanical boys
Helping the minutes turn away
Wasting each day until I go insane
I fear attention but need to be noticed

And someday: Isabelle Cabret
If you’d only just take my name
And help me find lost ways
Like we did Monsieur Melies
Someday: Isabelle Cabret
Track Name: My Dream Girl Has One Eye
She’s got her head up in the clouds
She isn’t with us at this time
Her words are more than verbs and nouns
They create a state of mind

She’s got a unicorn to ride
And a ship to cross the sea
In her castle where she hides
This world is more than fantasy

And I won’t let you tear her down tonight
She’ll be my princess I’ll be her knight

You’ve got your words used to describe
Like weird, strange, and crazy
Such waste of medicine prescribed
On a mind that’s much more than healthy

Your fear of the new and unique
Will only leave you wanting more
It’s sad your grasp exceeds your reach
Oh what’s a heaven for?

And I won’t let you tear us down tonight
Just because we have vision before we have sight

Come get your head up in the clouds
Just to see what you may find
Among the beauty that surrounds
Above the land of the blind

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